Thursday, 3 September 2009

September 3rd

Shimelle's classLearn Something New Every Day page is because today I learned that good friends are the best. The reason I say this is I invited one of my very good friends Elaine round for dinner, but before we had finished their was a call from Gary's dad saying he had fallen earlier in the day and that he could not take the pain anymore. As Gary was at work my friend said she would take me there. when we got there he was in agony as he had fallen on his shoulder. I did not hesitate and called the ambulance they took him in straight away and we followed by car. This was 8pm, we ended up staying till after midnight and he ended up staying in as he had fractured his shoulder. My friend was great she didn't complain she stayed the whole time, then took me back home. So I definitely believe that friends are more precious than diamonds.

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