Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A fond farewell to fashion Forward

It saddens me to say it is the last week of Fashion Forward the baby inspired by Clair and Katherine. It has been fun and a hive of inspiration to check all the lovely ladies choices over the many weeks and will continue to follow. So I would just like to say thank you girl's for all your lovely inspiration and kind comments week after week. Plus a very big thank you to Clair and Katherine. who if it was not for them it would not of happened in the first place. So thanks girls and good luck with what you decide to do now. So for my last Fashion Forward I am feeling blue, only joking I saw this dress and just thought it was gorgeous.

Friday, 26 March 2010


Prompt 6 on Shimelle's Class is to use stickers as many as you can. Well my response to this one is that I probably have enough stickers to open a couple of craft shops all on there own lol. I loved this prompt and below is my page of Susie dog, is she not lovable? Anyway I have used Urban Window collection - Boho chic fancy free, Karen Foster Design stickers and many more stickers, in fact I used 12 stickers in all. I am so looking forward to tomorrow's prompt.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I did it

Ok I am celebrating woo hoo I have done it. I have used my sewing machine, and got a bit carried away I may add, no pictures yet though sorry. I will have to Wait till the Gaz takes them for me tomorrow. So in the meantime this is a picture of a card I made for my friend who has just turned the big 50 sorry Jane, I have used another one of Victoria Case Art Designs which has been coloured with my copic markers, and the ribbon and gorgeous flowers are from Angel Crafts.

Monday, 22 March 2010

To sew or not to sew

That is the question. Only joking I am not going to recite a play or anything don't worry. What it is, I got a major present for Christmas last year my hearts desire a sewing machine. It is gorgeous, I love it. My wonderful fantastic crafty friend Clair gave me a tutorial. Thanks Clair pop over to her blog Obstinate Pursuit as she is planning on doing some fantastic tutorials on all sorts very shortly. The only thing is I have not used it yet as I have not been able to, much to my regret. So my wonderful Giz brought it into our bedroom and put it on our dressing table tonight and I am sitting looking at it. So the reason I am thinking to sew or not to sew is because Something from Nothing has asked us to think about reinventing page protectors. You know those plastic sea through cases that we all use to protect our master pieces of work. So with this in mind, my mind is swimming with what I am going to do, so watch this space.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunday Challenge

Sundays challenge over at Something from Nothing is to use ten brads, ten papers, ten buttons etc; so here is mine.
I am also using this for my entrance for my friend Lesley over at Craftswap

By Chance

We found this place buy chance last year, and just loved it. Whilst driving around I saw a sign for a Country Park, and I said lets just go and see. I am so glad we did and we will definitely be going back there. There was so many different animals all roaming around and free. I have used a metal frame that I forgot I had and I love the look it just sets of the page correctly. I thought I would use this one for the Friday challenge as we were asked to use metal, cardstock, patterned paper and ribbon on the same project???

Oodles of Eyelets and brads

I thought these colours just cried out for brads, my nephew was so excited and it shows.

I love this picture of my niece as she look so Angelic just like her !

Just look at the this cheeky little chap. This is the view from the kitchen window, and I swear he new I was there and watching him.

Prompt one of Something from Nothing is to use eyelets, Brads, and metal words. I have so many of these, I did have them all in colour order and very regimental, that was until this class and then I realised that I was not using them as much as I should so I took a leaf out of Shimmelle's book and put them all together in jars, one for brads and one for eyelets. Doing this I must admit I think I will use them more using them in this way.

Abundant Stash

Ok for day one of Something from almost Nothing I have taken some pictures of my abundant stash what do you think? Do you think I need some help?. I have boxes, shelves, baskets, drawers, hangers, you name it all full of lovely lovely supplies.

New Class

Ok, I know I can not be the only one, lets be honest. How many of you out their have crafting supplies for England. I know I do. Are you like me just buy that lovely piece of paper or that specific coloured ribbon just because you like it and you have to have it, as it will come in useful eventually. So I have to say thank you Shimmelle just what I need an excuse to use as much of my supplies so I can of course buy more. Only joking ! or am I ?