Thursday, 31 December 2009

Snug and Cosy

Okay guys I feel I should be looking for my flimsy black dress, loads of sparkles and that perfect pair of heels, but due to my particular situation I am feeling more in the need of comfort and warmth so for my Fashion Forward inspired by Clair and Katherine I have chosen more of a practical and somewhat more comfy attire
Lazy Days
Lazy Days by specialglimmers featuring TopShop

I hope as we get nearer to that special time, my feelings will change. Are you raring to hit the town and paint it red or more like me and retire curled up on the sofa waiting for the clock to chime 12

Big apology

Hi fellow bloggers, please do not think I am ignoring you, but I have been ill all over the Christmas period with bronchitis so I have either been in bed or near it. I sound like a chipmunk on helium. Anyway I am still doing my Journal Your Christmas plus all my current challenges, so when I am back on top form and haunting your bloggs again, plus as soon as I am sorted I will be bombarding you with posts if you let me and don't mind.

Anyway hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and father Christmas has left all the secret little surprises we all want. I received a sewing machine of my Gary and cant Waite till I can have a play.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

JYC 09 Catch up

Here are my pages for the first 5 days of Journal Your Christmas




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Their will be a lot more pages to follow !

Monday, 21 December 2009

The Midas touch

The choice for my Fashion Forward this week inspired by Clair and Katherine came about because I was on a girls night out in one of my old haunts on Saturday. Before going out I got my hair done at the hairdressers as a treat to myself. Then I thought what should I wear? should I wear sparkle, glitter, or my usual the old faith full black dress. I decided on the black dress glam med up a bit with jewels. Upon arrival I could not tell you what the fashion was as their was a selection, jewels, glitter, gold, silver and colour. So I have chosen gold as this is what I would of loved to wear in my make believe world. If I had the bank balance, the venue, and more to the point the figure. Well here's dreaming.

A touch of sparkle

A touch of sparkle by specialglimmers featuring Chinese Laundry shoes

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Need more hours in the day

Do you ever feel that you need more hours in the day. At this precise moment in time I do it is nearly Christmas already and I still have so much to do. I have lists for everything I could not function without them. I am getting through them but their is still so much to complete. How are you all getting on? tell me what you use to keep track of your festive preparations. I have completed my atc swap for the girls over at Craftswap. I used the Whiff of Joy stamps which I absolutely love, go and have a look they have a 20% sale on at the moment. I coloured with my copic markers another favourite of mine.

Friendship and Fun

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What could be better than a whole day and I mean 10am-10pm of laughter, food, friendship and a bit of crafting. This is what happened for me and a load of my crafting buddies from UKS we have an all day crop twice a year and it is so much fun, we have such a laugh. Do you recognise the reindeer above? it is my very very good friend Clair from Obstinate Pursuit (sorry Clair could not resist) . We take part in challenges and I won a prize yippee, I will upload my LO and my lovely prize which was a Christmas album a bit later. Thanks girls I had a fab day it was exhausting but well worth it.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Purple Lightning

Purple lightning

Purple lightning by specialglimmers featuring Forever21

The choice for my Fashion Forward inspired by Clair and Katherine is somewhat of a strange one, don't get me wrong not because of the colour but the colour choice. Purple for the simple reason I never thought of myself as a purple girl, pink yes but purple? So to tell you how it came about. I went on a meal to a Chinese with a bunch of my close friends. Once sitting round the table one friend commented on the fact I was wearing a purple top. I said I know not like me . I thought about this comment until I returned home. Once back home I looked through my wardrobe and could not believe it. I had so much, not just a little but loads I could of opened a shop. Their was knit wear, blouses, tops, necklaces,ear rings, bags, shoes and even a ring. So thinking about it I never thought of myself as purple more of a pink girl, but I could be wrong. Have you ever thought of a colour that is not you, to only find that it is ? or is that just me.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Advent time

I know traditionally that Advent started on Sunday, but Advent has started for me today. The reason for this is my Gary went out this morning while I was busy trying to finish my assignment and bought me a Cadbury's advent calendar full of little chocolates to be opened every day. So it is official Christmas starts from today.

I have completed my Manifesto which is my intentions for my Christmas journal, and the things I am hoping to complete by 6th January 2010, oh that's scary its nearly 2010 for my Journal Your Christmas which started today with Shimelle - but i WILL photograph it before i go to bed and will add it on here in the morning.

I have also been playing about with my white balance on my camera, sounds weird write but not really it is day 1 of Cheryl's online photograph course over at Feelgood Photos., and that was the first challenge.

Anyway whatever you are all doing today have fun !

My Mark

The challenge over at Its all about me is talking about marks and what they say about you. This one was hard for me, as I have had the odd knock from when I was a kid. Like falling off a roundabout when a load of older boys got on after me and decided to go really fast, and you guessed it I fell off. Or when I was late for school one morning when it had been snowing, and you guessed it, when I got to the door I just could not stop and went flying half way down the corridor before coming to a stop very abruptly with a very hard wall and a similarly hard head mistress. Who gave me detention for running on the school grounds, and sent me to the nurse to get fixed up. but apart from that nothing to write home about. So I thought about the only mark that means anything o me and that is the one you can not see. The marks that are now in my brain caused by the illness, but that is fine that is not a problem they are what make me me.

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