Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Which camera?

I have decided that I need help with my photography so I have joined up with a photography class with the very talented Cheryl Johnson which starts on 12th June check out her blog FeelGoodPhotos This got me thinking what was your first camera?. I still have mine it is a Konica C35 EFP camera which took 35 mm film. Wow how did we get on before digital?. The expense and the disappointment. I mean if we take a bad photograph now all we do now is delete it and start again. Before we had to wait to get it developed to find out if it had taken or not, so we could miss so many important occasions.


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I now use a pict bridge Panasonic DMC-F27, but am seriously thinking of changing to a SLR camera. It will be interesting to hear what others think and what camera you started with to what you use now.


cate said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

I don't remember my first camera, I think it was something of my dad's... it took 35mm film, and I broke it by winding the film on too tight (he said always check you have wound on, so I did ~lol~) Dad had a canon when I was growing up (were all cameras SLR in those days? cause his was)

I've got a Fuji s5700, coming on 3 years now... but only last week I found out it's called a bridge camera! I'm hoping to buy a dSLR later this year, looking at a bottom-of-the-range canon

good luck with your shopping!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

No good asking me Chiz I'm a point and shoot gal, but my DS would love that Konica ;o)
Anne xx

Sian said...

Even with digital I still find it hard to take lots of pictures..I'm still stuck in you-ve only got 24 photos and you have to make each one count mode I think!

I have a Panasonic DMC FZ-18 bridge camera.

humel said...

I would soooo love a digital SLR - just can't afford it :-( And can't really justify it while I'm not making full use of my basic digital camera, anyway! So that's what I'm working on now :-) Let me know how your class goes, I'd be interested to hear about it xx

Pretty Neat Designs said...

I can remember that my first camera was a polaroid, and I also remember those disposable flash bulb sticks. I used to develop my own black & white film in a darkroom and I used a Nikon N80 SLR, now I use a Nikon D80 D-SLR. They are both good cameras, but the digital is so much easier. And just like you said, no waiting to see if it was a bad photo! Have fun in your photography class, it sounds great!

Cheri said...

My first camera ever was a Kodak Instamatic - the kind with the 110 film cartridges and flash bulb packs! I went digital early with one of the very first Canon Digital Rebels - which is now horridly out of date - only 6.3 mp - my point and shoot is actually better! Now I'm starting to dream about a newer Canon DSLR - haven't decided what one yet!

Kylie said...

I am so with you! I really need to smarten up my act with my photography... I think this blogging thing does that to you ;) Good luck with finding a good camera... I'm still looking too. Kx