Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Pigeon Holed

Do you ever feel as if you have been pigeon holed ? This is the first challenge in October at Its all about me This took a lot of thinking by myself, as I feel quite strongly about this reference, because this is exactly how I feel. For my layout I have said I am not a statistic I am a person. How many of us feel like that? I am sure there is loads of you out their not just me. For my journaling I have hid it behind my photograph so if anyone wants to see it they have to remove the tag which says:

I am not a statistic, since being diagnosed as being disabled after my diagnosis of M.S in 2008. I have thought more about life and me in general and have come to the conclusion that despite being classed as disabled I am still a person who has feelings, emotions and loves life.


Clair said...

Catching up before tomorrow's reveal...

This is awesome lady. You know, even when you've been ill, I've never thought of you as being 'disabled'. I only ever see Cheryl x

Cheryl said...

aww that is so lovely thanks Clair funny I don't either lol xx