Monday, 16 November 2009

Crafting and cake is there anything better?

Well my Internet has been not playing again and I have so much to tell you first of all, I had my usual Friday afternoon at my best est friend ever Clair's, I took her some cup cakes to Cheer her up as she was feeling really under the weather and let me tell you, just the look of them was scrummy.

DSC_0534, originally uploaded by craftandstash.

So during coffee and cake, we decided our papers for Journal Your Christmas, so we should be sorted now famous last words. So it was a very productive day, and I am looking forward to next week.

DSC_0545, originally uploaded by craftandstash.


{melissa} said...

the perfect combo :-)

Clair said...

Those cakes WERE totally amazing - as was your company. Awww x

humel said...

Fabby cakes and fabby craft and fabby company - nothing better :-)

(We three really must get together - especially if there's cake!!)

Cheryl said...

I agree Mel what do you say for 3 I third it x