Monday, 16 November 2009


Now to what I have been doing all week end, I have joined in with the Cyber Scrapbook crop over at UKS It is a challenge that lasts over the whole week end starting on the Friday night and finishing on the Sunday night, we are given a timetable then put into teams and given challenges and classes to complete. I managed to complete 9 Lay outs and a few other bits and bobs I did this to try and defuzz my head so I can concentrate more on my studying. I became part of the TOTO team can you guess we had a theme of the Yellow Brick Road.

toto, originally uploaded by craftandstash.

(GO Toto's ). I wish to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who helped me especially Ruth who kept us all under control. I had a fab time, and will definitely be joining in with the next one. I am now defuzzed and I will upload photographs as soon as I can. Have a happy Monday everyone and thanks for popping by.


Clair said...

"I'm now defuzzed." That so makes it sound as though you've had a head to toe wax! :)

Glad you enjoyed the cyber crop x

Cheryl said...

I thought it said it perfectly lol x