Thursday, 22 July 2010

49 Things

A while back a list of 99 things did the rounds. Sian has come up with a new list, just 49 things this time - how many have YOU done? :-)

Seen The Terracotta Army in China - No but never say never

Cross stitched a sampler - Yes but with not much success

Kept a friend for more than 20 years - Yes quite a few and they are all very good ones.

Made your own jam - Not jam but lemon curd does that count?

Seen the Crown Jewels in The Tower Of London No but hope to either late this year or early next.

Attended a school reunion and enjoyed it - No not yet.

Kissed the Blarney Stone - No never even been to Ireland

Learned how to tap dance- sort of when I was a kid

Seen one of the Wonders Of The Ancient World - No but never say never

Ridden a tandem bicycle - No

Commissioned a piece of furniture - No but sounds cool

Sold for profit something you made yourself - Yes I sell handmade cards

Seen Sydney Opera House - No but visiting family next year and hope to see a lot of sight seeing

Walked up the outside of a volcano - No too hot lol

Met an idol - Does a waxwork count in madame Tussuad's
Found or sent a message in a bottle - No but sounds romantic, my brother did bury a memory tin in our old house in Scotland under the floorboards. Wander if it is still there?

Held a stranger's hand, just because they needed you - Yes years ago I was out with a friend in a local pub and a girl took an asthma attack and I held her hand until the ambulance arrived. Another time I was in a local pub having a meal with family when a guy I new was playing pool and the guy he was playing against glassed him.I held not his head together to stop the bleeding as no one else would I know not his not his
hand but his head to say thank you when he cam out of hospital he sent me some Roses.

Thought you might have seen a ghost - no but I am open minded.

Been caught speeding - No not caught.

Won a bet - yes the grand national years ago when I worked in hotels and we had a sweep on with the Grand National. I won but my reward was to take everyone in the sweep out for a meal at the Road Chef.

Visited a pen pal- No but had plenty when I was younger.

Published a poem - no but I did win a contest at school for a speech.

Had your appendix removed - yes when I was 21 and a good job as it had ruptured.

Pierced an interesting part of your body - if you count your ears would not do anything else too squeamish.

Seen your name in lights - No but here's hoping.
Had a handsome man buy you Champagne - yes on a few occasions and enjoyed it every time.

Had tea at The Ritz - No
Found a peacock feather - No
Made a collection of more than 50 objects - I have so many collections from dolls from around the world to my favourite my collection of Sindy dolls outfits from the 60's onwards.

Crossed The Equator - No not yet.
Partied through til breakfast - frequently I told you I worked in hotels lol.

Found a fossil - no but plenty of shells old coins and stones,

Seen The Northern Lights - No

Built your own house - No and don't intend too my brother built me a shed in my old house.
Started a Mexican Wave - Not started but involved in, at the first concert Paul McCartney performed back in Liverpool after the Beattles

Judged a competition - no but been in plenty.

Flown in a hot air balloon - No do not like heights.

Spent too much money on something you've only worn once - Frequently according to my tolerant other half.
Scored an own goal. Figuratively or otherwise - No

Appeared on live tv - No have not got the guts.

Asked for your money back - No.

Had your photo taken with someone famous - If you count the England manager last year then yes.

Grown your hair long enough to sit on - Nearly but not quite.

Been locked in somewhere overnight, or long enough for it to start getting scary - No only playing sardines when I was younger.

Found something valuable and made sure it was returned to its rightful owner. yes found a purse on a train between Liverpool and Manchester and the owner emailed me with a thank you.

Taken part in some kind of endurance event or attempt - The only thing I can think of is when I was in Primary school. I did a sponsored silence for Stoke Manderville Hospital, set up by Jimmy Saville in the 70's. Where a selection of us had to keep quiet from the morning until home time that was a tall order I can tell you.

Driven from one end of your country to the other - No but have been in long rides over time.

Been publicly recognised for bravery or special community service - No not yet.

Gone out on the town in an outfit you've made entirely on your own - No really but my best friend got married and she wanted to go all 70's like Abba for her hen night so we all had to make up our own outfits including platforms and everything.

So let me know if you decide to take part so I can pop over to your blog a have a laugh sorry did I say that out load/


humel said...

So pleased you did this too, it's so interesting seeing everyone's answers :-)

(Lemon curd definitely counts x)

Rachel B said...

Wow, great list! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Yes those are American Crafts D-ring albums. I love them!!!! I wont buy anything else!

Sian said...

This is great Cheryl! The answer I like the most is the one about your collection of Sindy doll clothes, because I have one too! I sometimes still make a new outfit for Sindy too when I have the time :) Thanks for giving this a go x

janis said...

i hope i remember to do this coz the items in the list are really interesting!!!!