Saturday, 17 July 2010

Inanimate Objects

Ok Prompt one is late I am just starting today, but will get their. The first photo assignment is to find something in the home that is very much you. Something you love or something that says something about your personality. Then take that item and your camera around your home looking for different lighting options. What does it look like near a window? for example, so what I snapped was my Blackberry mobile phone and my sunglasses 2 items I could not live without according to the Gaz man. I have taken all my pictures on Automatic I am afraid no fancy photography yet but fingers crossed I will get better as time goes on, it is more of a confidence thing. 

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Clair said...

I'm sorry, but what about the scrapbooking stash? Surely you can't live without that x

humel said...

I'm still learning how to get out of auto myself - Shimelle's prompts have helped me with that :-)

Really interesting to see the items people choose! xx

Cheryl said...

thanks girls and my scrapbooking stash ok Clair I admit it lol x

Anonymous said...

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