Monday, 7 December 2009

Purple Lightning

Purple lightning

Purple lightning by specialglimmers featuring Forever21

The choice for my Fashion Forward inspired by Clair and Katherine is somewhat of a strange one, don't get me wrong not because of the colour but the colour choice. Purple for the simple reason I never thought of myself as a purple girl, pink yes but purple? So to tell you how it came about. I went on a meal to a Chinese with a bunch of my close friends. Once sitting round the table one friend commented on the fact I was wearing a purple top. I said I know not like me . I thought about this comment until I returned home. Once back home I looked through my wardrobe and could not believe it. I had so much, not just a little but loads I could of opened a shop. Their was knit wear, blouses, tops, necklaces,ear rings, bags, shoes and even a ring. So thinking about it I never thought of myself as purple more of a pink girl, but I could be wrong. Have you ever thought of a colour that is not you, to only find that it is ? or is that just me.


humel said...

I always thought of myself as a purple girl - I just loved purple for years and years - and I've never much liked green or yellow. Lately though my favourite colours have become turquoise and lime green. How did that happen?! (Still don't like yellow though...)

Love your purple patch here hun xx

Liberty :) said...

I love purple!!

Clair said...

You always wear purple! How funny that you didn't notice :)

Having said that, I always thought that I didn't like yellow, only to remember that my favourite room in my house is! Yeah, right! x