Monday, 21 December 2009

The Midas touch

The choice for my Fashion Forward this week inspired by Clair and Katherine came about because I was on a girls night out in one of my old haunts on Saturday. Before going out I got my hair done at the hairdressers as a treat to myself. Then I thought what should I wear? should I wear sparkle, glitter, or my usual the old faith full black dress. I decided on the black dress glam med up a bit with jewels. Upon arrival I could not tell you what the fashion was as their was a selection, jewels, glitter, gold, silver and colour. So I have chosen gold as this is what I would of loved to wear in my make believe world. If I had the bank balance, the venue, and more to the point the figure. Well here's dreaming.

A touch of sparkle

A touch of sparkle by specialglimmers featuring Chinese Laundry shoes


Pretty Neat Designs said...

dreams are fantastic! Love the gold choices. I'd love to have the figure to wear a dress like that too.

Clair said...

Ha! They don't call it a bandage dress for nothing! I'm fairly sure I'd need some first aid if I put that on - not even sure I'd be able to breathe.

Love the look my lovely x

Emily said...

So gorgeous!