Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Advent time

I know traditionally that Advent started on Sunday, but Advent has started for me today. The reason for this is my Gary went out this morning while I was busy trying to finish my assignment and bought me a Cadbury's advent calendar full of little chocolates to be opened every day. So it is official Christmas starts from today.

I have completed my Manifesto which is my intentions for my Christmas journal, and the things I am hoping to complete by 6th January 2010, oh that's scary its nearly 2010 for my Journal Your Christmas which started today with Shimelle - but i WILL photograph it before i go to bed and will add it on here in the morning.

I have also been playing about with my white balance on my camera, sounds weird write but not really it is day 1 of Cheryl's online photograph course over at Feelgood Photos., and that was the first challenge.

Anyway whatever you are all doing today have fun !

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humel said...

Yay, choccy Advent calendars are the best!! ;-)